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In September 2014 we performed at a Raw Artist showcase in London which really helped us get the Twin Swing started as a performance opportunity and for videos and photos. In order to perform at a Raw artist showcase they ask you to sell 20 tickets which we managed to do, and therefore got a chance to perform in any other RAW showcase across the world for free! Our immediate reaction was 'this is the chance to go to America', which we have always wanted to do! We then found out one of our closest friends would be in Washington DC performing with a touring Circus and we knew we had to go and have an epic time!

So we booked our flights well in advance and did all the necessary research to enable a great stay in New York and a couple of days in Washington DC. On 21st September 2015 we jumped on a Virgin plane and were in the Big Apple in no time, feeling slightly jet-lagged but so excited about what was to come! That evening we unpacked and wandered around the glorious Greewhich Village (where we were Air Bnbing it)! We ended up in a jazz bar listening to some talented musicians and after Emily got up to have a boogie with them on stage, we decided to head back and get a fairly early night before a crazy few days.

Our first full day in New York was everything we expected it to be and more! We managed to get pretty much everything done we planned including a dance class at Broadway Dance Center, a milkshake at Ellens Stardust Diner, American In Paris the Broadway show and we even went up the top of the rock. I wrote an update on Tumblr shortly after which explains a bit more about our stagey day in NYC.

The next day we had a rehearsal for our Raw Artist Showcase which was at the Highline Ballroom. The venue was very impressive and we managed to meet up with a fellow dancer and have a lunch on the Highline which is a disused rail track that has been converted to a scenic walkway. He watched our tech run, wished us well and then we departed to get ready for the show properly. At 6.30 we were back at the venue and it had been completely transformed with amazng art-work, a run-way for the fashion shows later that evening and a buzz of energy and excitement. We found our way to the dressing room which we shared with models preparing to showcase delicate ligerie and impressive, unusual dresses! Through-out the evening we performed 3 sets, showcasing our favourite costumes and mingling with guests and artists in between.

The evening was a huge succes and we found the artists in New York to be increidbly talented and diverse. It really was an exciting evening with a range of entertainment and artwork being showcased.

After the showcase we were understandibly very tired after staying until the bitter and chatting away to the DJ about potential prohibition hot-spots in NYC. We did a bit of sight-seeing before jumping on a plane to stay with our friend for the weekend and watch her in the circus! It was great fun bombing around Washinton DC, it seems so big you could spend days walking around the museums and attractions. Finally we returned New York where we visited the amazing Waldorf Astoria and some great prohibitoin bars. There is certainly a chance for us to revisit and perform at some of the swinging jazz bars in the city!

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