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NYE Gatsby Style at GiGis, Mayfair

Well 2015 was certainly an exciting year for Jessica and I as we worked very hard to get The Twin Swing off the ground. The year ended with a BANG at Gigi’s Bar in Mayfair where we performed for an array of delightfully dressed guests! The real highlight of the evening was meeting Debbie Moore, OBE and founder of Pineapple Dance Studios, a truly inspirational lady!

Jessica and I train regularly at Pineapple Studios in Covent Garden. It is by far one the most famous dance studios with a range of classes from absolute beginner to advanced/professional. Another great feature is the diversity of class styles. You can take a ballet class, burlesque, jazz, commercial, contemporary and that’s only a few! We would highly recommend the classes that Pineapple offers because the teachers are experts of the highest calibre! You can take class with West End choreographers teaching the routines from the shows and well-established professionals that have years of knowledge and wisdom to pass on; it really is a magical place for dancers!

A friend of ours who trained at University of the Arts and has worked consistently alongside The National Youth Theatre caught Debbie Moore presenting a speech after a performance called Chloe written by Karla Chrome. The theme of the production was young girls discussing their ambitions for leaving school and there were a few ladies that had achieved theirs speaking afterwards. I still recall the conversation my friend and I had about how inspirational Debbie’s story was compared to the others. Having left school at 15 with no qualifications, it’s hard to grasp how she managed to be the first woman to ever float a company on the stock market. You can find many write-ups about Debbie’s life and I found this interview to be very humbling and


It is astonishing to see how some people who are thrown life-changing challenges throughout their life manage to find the strength and positivity to deal with them in the best of ways. I think Debbie has clearly done this and reaped the rewards of being an open-minded, positive and strong individual who deserves every success and more! Credit where credit's due! I can only hope to learn from her experiences and many more throughout my life that show true courage and inner strength.

Moving forward Jessica and I have some goals this year we wish to achieve. For some they may seem small and for others huge. However, to us they would mean a lot and we aim to stay focused and continue to work hard to achieve them! Thank you for taking the time to read this post and have a wonderfully successful 2016!

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